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Trip to the airport or night on the town, we can meet a variety of travel needs with our courteous drivers and varied fleet!

Corporate & Business

From the office to an important meeting, we know the importance of your most valuable asset – your time. Work productively, make calls, plan for the next meeting… or just relax, our reliable drivers will get you to your next business function, seminar, airport, or final destination on time with safe and customer friendly service..


Airport conditions may vary, but our Airport Services will always provide you with consistent, prompt and courteous service. All Bay Limousines offers ground transportation for all Bay Area airports. We remain in constant cell phone contact with your driver to ensure that your vehicle is where you need it when you need it.

Bay Area Theaters & Restaurants

See a show. Dine at the newest fine restaurant. We can make your special evening even more pleasurable with our professional and knowledgeable drivers. Whatever your destination arrive in comfort and safety with us.

Weddings & Special Occasions

No detail is too small for those special occasions. Travel in your choice of the finest late model luxury vehicles from our fleet and let us add an extra dimension to any special occasion.

Customer Directed

Whatever your needs our Customer Directed hourly service allows you to enjoy the flexibility of on-demand service. Put a driver at your disposal for as long as you require. Delivering personalized service, you can travel from meeting to meeting, without worrying about transportation. Your driver and vehicle will be waiting for you wherever, whenever you need them.


Achieve the best results with our wide variety of training options!

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Pricing Policy

All advertise fair are subject to change without notice and may be higher during holidays or special events.

Rate Estimate

The rate quoted prior to your trip is an estimate based on the information you provided at the time of the reservation. Fees like tolls, gratuity, waiting time and additional stops are not included in the estimate and will increase your rate.

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About Us

We at All Bay Limousine take enormous pride in serving our clientele with the utmost professional, reliable, and dependable limousine service in San Francisco Bay Area. We proudly serve the biggest hi-tech companies, hotels and motels in the entire Greater San Francisco Bay area by providing the most dynamic, versatile and friendly service to fulfill your transportation needs. Our clients include: Hewlett Packard, SAP, Cisco , Facebook, Apple, and Google. We provide Airport pick up/drop off in all Bay Area Airports. We offer the most reliable means of transportation for business travelers. Schedule a pick up and never be late - we will be right by you when you need us.

Schedule a pick up and never be late - we will be right by you when you need us.

Toll Free: (888) 711-7878 Local: (650) 323-7878

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