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Twelve Passenger Expedition and Navigator Limousines

Plan a Tour with Best limousine Service in San Francisco

It is your birthday, graduation party, or your wedding and you are looking for a fun full ride in San Francisco in which you can travel with your complete friend group and family? Worry no more now All Bay Limousines got a fine solution waiting for you. We provide a wide range of fun rides that are specially designed for a large group of people having a max count of 10-12 passengers. So, get in touch with us today and discover San Francisco by making memories and a comfortable ride. Here we got to major categories for you which are described below with features


1. Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limousine in San Francisco & Bay Area:

If you are looking for an ideal car that can carry around 10-12 passengers at a time and you can enjoy your quality time as well then White Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limousine is the best fit for you. You can easily rent this car from All Bay Limousine at an affordable rate and having supportive staff.

Why Choose Rental Service of Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limousine From All Bay Limousine

Following are the reasons why you choose All Bay Limousine rental services for Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limousines:

  • Rich Leather Interior:

The Lincoln Navigator interior is designed with high-quality leather to provide a comfortable look with a touch of excellence and prestige in it.

  • Sophisticated Designed Wet Bar:

We make sure to stock a complete range of champagne glasses, napkins, ice buckets, and other related stuff that are necessary for a wet bar. Providing a complete ambiance of Wet Bar making sure that you can enjoy it throughout your journey.

  • Alberta Gaming & Liquor Licensed:


All Bay Limousines make sure that none of the underage riders drink alcoholic drinks. Only those who are legally authorized can take alcoholic drinks i.e. above 18.

  • Disco Lights:

To increase the excitement of the ride we make sure to provide some of the discos or partying light that dance according to the music you are playing.

  • Futuristic Features:

By the word “futuristic features” All Bay Limousines meant you to provide quality services that are up to date. In the Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limousine, we provide 2 TVs and an iPod to built an in-house sound system so, that you can enjoy the music of your desire throughout the ride.

  • Extra Space for Storing Luggage:

We aim to provide maximum space for storing the luggage so that our passenger doesn’t feel uncomfortable and sacrifice for space or skip the important luggage.

2. Twelve passenger expedition Limousine In San Francisco and Bay Area


If you are looking for mid-range transportation for a group of passengers then twelve passenger expedition or Ford Expedition Limousine is the best fit for you. Enjoy the wide space in which you can go with a max of 14 passengers at a time. Either it is your wedding, educational event or any other type of activity make your journey a memorable one with your partner, family, or friends in a unique way. Space is not just limited to 14 passengers if you need more All Bay Limousines can expend it in a 16 seater car so that if the bride dress is not fitting in properly you don’t sacrifice your dress just because of space. Get in touch today with All Bay Limousines and enjoy the Ford expedition ride.




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