Get All Bay Limousine’s Birthday party Limousine service.

Birthday party Limousine Service

All Bay Limousine understands that celebrating the day you were born is a special event for anyone in a year. Seeing that your birthday is coming up, you must really be thinking about making this day as special and memorable it can possibly be. How can you do that? All Bay Limousine will help you with that. You can get Birthday party Limousine service from All Bay Limousine in order to make this day into a day that will be burnt in your memory as if it were the day you were born for the second time.

birthday party limousine

All kinds of limo for your special day

Looking for a pink limo to set the mood for your birthday? All Bay Limousine has it!

Our pink limo is basically made for birthday parties as it is a part of our Birthday party Limousine service.



The pink hummer has the following features which we hope you will get for your birthday party:

  • The pink hummers have a seating capacity of 14-20 passengers.
  • Has stereo CD player along with sub-woofers.
  • Flat screen HDTVs.
  • Surround sound system.
  • DVD player.
  • Layered mirror ceilings.
  • Disco lights along with neon lighting.
  • Comfortable plush leather seats that are bouncy and soft.
  • Stylish interior with birthday-styled theme.

Many people have used our pink hummer when they chose our Birthday party Limousine service. All of them had a wonderful experience mainly due to two main things, the first one being the fact that we gave them a birthday party styled theme such as a pinkish colorful interior and exterior to really set it apart from other limos and the second being the way our chauffeurs catered to them for their special day.

We have white hummers, black hummers as well with the same features, both of them are party-styled as well, the pictures for all of them are the following:

Party Bus Limo!

This fancy bus is made for partying and to top it off, it is also limo-styled from the inside. Anything you see in a limo is inside this bus. This luxury vehicle is also included in our Birthday party Limousine service.

30 PAX Party Bus Limo:

To really learn about it, our party busses have the following features:

  • Luxury ultra-soft and smooth touch headliner.
  • Double needled stretch accents.
  • Get a limo, but get the added benefits of a full head room as you stand.
  • Easy access to the vehicle through a huge door.
  • Plush leather that is comfy in limo-styled set up, perfect for people around 14-30.
  • Wood flooring.
  • Ambient neon lighting perfect to set the mood for a birthday party celebration.
  • Complimentary beverages and sodas depending upon the age of the passengers.
  • Fully loaded surround sound system.
  • Huge 40-inch smart HDTV(s).
  • Stereo control panel.
  • USB, HDMI, and charging ports.
  • Dedicated bar that is illuminated.


Escalade Limo for birthdays? Absolutely.

All Bay Limousine also knows that sometimes it is not all about the lights and the neon shades, huge buffer system etc. Sometimes it is all about keeping it classy, exquisite, and fancy. Sometimes it is just about the simple things. Seeing that, All Bay Limousine included the luxurious Escalade Limo into the Birthday party Limousine service.

Escalade Limo has the following features:

  • White exterior to give off that fancy feel for your special day.
  • Gull wing door.
  • Leather posh interior.
  • Wrap around seating.
  • Premier stereo sound system.
  • Bluetooth connection compatibility.
  • Fiber optic lighting and strobe lighting.
  • Wet bars.
  • Privacy windows and much more.


Why choose All Bay Limousine’s Birthday party Limousine service?

  • We have the experience to make sure your birthday goes smoothly.

All Bay Limousine has been around for decades, ever since it first rode the roads of San Francisco, it has expanded its empire in all the areas of San Francisco Bay Area, from San Francisco City to San Jose, and all the way to Napa Valley going down to Los Altos, we are everywhere along with this, we have our vehicles expanded nationwide also.

Due to the vast experience of the dispatchers, the chauffeurs, and the administration, we have been able to provide smooth and comfortable Birthday party Limousine services to people along with other services such as executive transportation, wine tours, weddings, city tours etc.

  • It will be convenient.

Our vehicles are roomy, you won’t have to go to a restaurant or a place for your birthday party, even during a pandemic, even if bars or clubs are not open, you can simply use our limousines to party and have fun as much as you want. We will pick you up and drop you off at your home in the limo of your choice.

  • Chauffeurs that will treat you like royalty.

This is just what our chauffeurs love to do. When it is your birthday or quinceanera, our professional and welcoming chauffeurs will be dressed for the occasion to give you that personalized service that royal or executive people get to make your limo ride, a ride you won’t forget for a very long time.


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